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Usability Report [Agilent]

Methodology(ies) used: Heuristic Evaluation, Survey, Formal Lab Testing

  Business goal: Transition users from ordering via catalog/telephone to purchasing online.

Usability Presentation [Blackstone Group]
Directly responsible for:
* Highlights of Final Usability Study
* Guided OneScreen Solution
* Homepage Wire Frame
* Information Architecture Presentation
* Custom Booking Engine Solution



Significantly improve the user experience for Registry Resorts, Naples Grande, Edgewater Naples and Boca Resorts through ease of use, natural progression through the site, and, ultimately, booking a stay online. Deliverables were to be the foundation for the creative designer, development team and TravelClick, the reservations system provider they had selected (iHotelier product).

Use Case Scenarios + Flows
Written to ensure we were on the same page, define "happy" flow (major user experience) and exceptional flows.


I was asked to create 3 scenarios - the quick fix, the custom solution, and a 3rd recommendation that fell somewhere in the middle for TravelClick to base their timeline and bid on.

Wireframes (reservations)
Wireframes (information)
Wireframes to visually illustrate the scenarios were drawn - both for the hotel websites and the reservations flow

In the presentation, I reviewed the testing results, and added industry knowledge and my own experiences in understanding the users based on my 3 years at Cheaptickets/Trip Network Inc. The presentation was well received, and I was requested to begin next stage of creating flows and wireframes.

Content Analysis/Inventory
This was one version of the content strategy with a column to identity which of the personas would most likely need it.webstrategy.pdf: this document showed the hierarchy for the web site in terms of organizational structure.



Beaver Creek is a very exclusive resort area owned by Vail Resorts, Inc., located in Eagle County. The residents consider this vacation residence a second home. The Beaver Creek Resort Company was formed as a governing group whose goal is to be a micro-version of a county web site, with information, links, etc. that a resident might need.

To create a web site that catered to their their population.

Identified key profiles,created personas, mapped priority flows. Organized all the potential documents, forms, content, etc. that might be needed, group them based on the type of content, established navigation structure and "simple english" labels to offer transparent paths.

These wireframes gave the group a view of how various forms of navigation could give the transparency necessary not only to their major personas, but to the several secondary ones also.

WireFrames [video on demand]
Evaluation Plan [usability lab test]
Methodologies employed to gain a concise 360°: Heuristic evaluation, Competitive analysis, wireframes, formal lab testing (2 waves)

The first design and implementation of innertube (video player for was pushed out for the "up fronts" in April 2006.
Recommend immediate redesign (via outside vendor) for the fall (estimated budget: $1.5m), or design a user experience with the existing technology and aggressive time frame.

Heuristic | Competitive Analysis hybrid memo
"Superstar" user flow (live glogging)
MMOD registration flow


Sports sites have very aggressive and fast paced design timelines; testing, designing and deploying must be very very concise and controlled.

News Personas
Wireframes ("quick" redesign)
News must be accurate, easy to read and consume, timely, and pertinent.


Flow/Site Map:

eCommerce web site (overview)
   Content map (product category #1)

   Content map (product category #2)
   Content map (product category #3)
   Content map (product category #4)

intranet home page

Weekly Ads/Circular

Customer Service/Help
Multiple Shopping Lists



Custom Deliverables:
UX pitch (excerpt of sales presentation)
Findings Assessment (intranet)

Functional Concepts Presentation (intranet)
Loyalty/Rewards program (heuristic)

Team collaboration process

UX methodology + project deliverables
UX Responsibilities & Goals
Status Presentation 1
Status Presentation 2